The Doctor's Sonic

This is The Doctor's trusty Sonic Screwdriver

Doesn't kill, doesn't wound, doesn't maim, but i'll tell you what it is good at - it is very good at opening doors.

- The Doctor, Doomsday.

The many Sonic's of Doctor WhoEdit

Mark 1: The Sonic Screwdriver was built many years ago during the 2nd Doctor story "Fury from the deep" it was the first one to ever be made, it became a vital part of the Doctor's equipment.

The Mark 1 resemble a silver pen with a clear white light at the end that lit up when the screwdriver was in use. Back then its power was limited, but its main feature, to lock & unlock doors, was available on the mark 1 just as it is on the current version today.

However, the Doctor's trusty gallifreyian tool came to an end when the 2nd Doctor was arrested & found guilty at the trial of the Timelords for interfearing with other planets.

His punishment consisted of being exiled to earth being forced to regenerate & his screwdriver was taken away from him never to be seen again.

Mark 2:

After the previous model had been taken away from the Timelord, the newly regenerated Doctor decided to build a new one. The Mark 2 unlike the original could extend with the push of a button so that it could increase in power, it was a long yellow tube covoured in wires with a red, circuler emiter on the end. It had removable heads each head had a differant function, EG. one head would lock & unlock doors & the other one would reverse the porality of any piece of tecnology The 3rd Doctor could get his hands on.
The Sonic Srewdriver Mark 2

The Sonic Screwdriver Mark 2

Mark 3:

Shortley after his third regeneration, The Doctor upgraded his old screwdriver & the Mark 3 was born.

It was a long metal tube just like the first one & had a red head like the second one. It made a strange noise when activated similar to the sound produced by the one that is used today, as well as that it could still extend to encrease its power, but it did not have removeable heads like the 3rd Doctor's did. All of the sonic's features could be activated by using the same head, this meant that it was more efficient for the Doctor to use against his enimies.

Mark 4:

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The Doctor isn't the only one with a sonicEdit

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