The Master

All 6 incarnations of The Master

Can't you hear it Doctor? The Drums, the drums, the never ending drums...

The DrumsEdit

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The master

The Master


The 1st Master,1971-1973: The first time we saw the Master he was in his 13th body, he was battleing the 3rd Doctor & had used up all his regeneration's. The man you played this incarnation of the terrible Timelord was Roger Delgado who instantly became a very popular villain. Sadley they had to cut his on the show short when he died in a car crash, but as for his character, he tried to regenerate even though he'd used his lives resulting in him transforming into a horrific creature.

The 2nd Master, 1976 &1981:

The horrifying monster was played by two actors, Peter Pratt im 1976 & Geoffrey Beevers in 1981. This Master returned to Doctor Who in the Tom Baker (4th Doctor) story The Deadly Assassin after this Master's plan failed he was arrested By tht Timelords & locked up on Gallifrey. when he was released he was to be in a accident seen in The Five doctors

The body of him saw him being into another costume as Tremus aka Anthony Ainley (Cute) seen in Logopolis and later revealed himself in the Five doctor,s and saw The Skeleton of the other him